Presidents Corner April 2019

Spring has arrived. We have already held our Winter and Spring Sectionals. I hope you all took time to enjoy the tournaments and earn some silver points. The Gatlinburg Regional starts this week and many of you are planning to attend. I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable time in Gatlinburg.

A big thanks too Judy Geralds and her chair committee consisting of Norman Smith, Jean Donoho and June Clausen. They inspected all the chairs and determined 14 needed to be removed from service. The committee also selected the arm chairs for evaluation and created a survey asking for input from our bridge players. So far through generous donations we have raised $2,600.00 to purchase new arm chairs. We have eliminated 14 chairs from service. The club now has 21 new arm chairs and we have more to come. Thank you to everyone that donated funds for this project. Without your support this would not be possible. And finally, thank you Judy and your team for all your hard work and support. If you have not made a donation and would like to, we will always accept donations for operation support.

Kit Overpeck and Vangie Smith continue the Saturday morning classes on “Critical Thinking” at the club. The classes are free to anyone wanting to learn. If you have not attended this class, you should take the opportunity. Kit has posted a flyer at the club with his class schedule. Please review for the next available dates. Verna Goldberg and Mauri Malka continue teaching beginners and intermediate level classes. Flyers are available at the club and on this website for more information. Norman Smith and his team, Candi Conway, Rachelle Goodwin and Janet Vowels will finish the school year teaching bridge at Bates Elementary around May 22.

The Cincinnati Regional and Unit 124 will be hosting a ACBL teacher certification class. The class will be held on June 3 & 4 at the Cincinnati Bridge Association located at 2860 Cooper Road during the Regional. All the information you need can be found on the Cincinnati Bridge Association website Just scroll down the home page it is below the Robert Todd Seminar announcement. Read the Information for the Teacher Certification Class and click the link. But-hurry you need to pre-register. Good Luck.

We are going Green. We already have a recycle program. The Board of Director received a petition with over 85 signatures requesting we eliminate the use of Styrofoam cups and plates. The BoD agreed to phase out the use of Styrofoam cups and plates (don’t buy anymore) and buy paper cups and plates.

Important Tournament Dates

 June 21-23 is our Summer Section

 August 17-18 is our Non- Life Master Regional with GOLD POINTS

 September 28-29 is our two days of Swiss Team events

 November 4-10 is our Louisville-Lexington Regional

- Jonh Van Cleve

Welcome to Louisville Bridge Association

The Louisville Bridge Club, Unit 117, offers games every day and night except for Tuesday and Saturday evenings, when there are occasional special events. If you have not visited our club, check out the game calendar for times and days. If you have a partner, just show up before game time. The usual fee is $7.50 per person. If you do not have a partner, you can contact the game director and he or she will try to find a partner for you. The names and phone numbers of the game directors can be found at this link. You can also join our forum and use that recourse to look for partners

Thank you for all of the comments on the new LBA web site. They have been mostly very positive with a sprinkling of suggestions how we can make it better, and a few complaints about "things not quite working right on my system or device". For example, one problem seems to be with the dropdown menu on android phones. If that happens, try clicking here to get our Site Map. This will As you will note, not all of the links are currently active but will soon be on a staggered rollout effort. If you click on a link and nothing happens, just assume it is not yet active.

Finally, anyone who has news that would be of interest to the unit members please send it along to me, Bill or Vangie. This also includes singificant rank accomplishments, obituaries, tournament results, just about anything. Also, I am once again doing the Midwest Monitor for Unit117 so please send anything to go out there to me as soon as possible.

Spring Bridge Lessons

Eight-Week Sessions - $80 (Dates below are for the first lesson)


  • Wednesday, from 7:00-9:00 PM Dates TBD Instructor Mauri Malka 502-552-4226.
  • Thursday, May 16, 2019 from 9:30-11:30 AM Instructor - Verna Goldberg 459-3848

Advanced Beginners - Intermediate

  • Monday, May 13, 2019, from 4:00-6:00 PM Instructor - Verna Goldberg 459-3848

Additional Information Under Lessons & Seminars Drop Down Menu

All Classes held at LBC, 9870 Linn Station Rd 40223

For more information, call the bridge center at 897-3581

Bridge Club Online Discussion Forum

We have a Google group that is designed to allow players to search for partners or discuss bridge related topics. You can link to the group from the tab Forums near the top of this page

We recently sent out invitations to join the group and the response has been good. If you did not receive an invitation, or if you ran into any problems accepting your invitation, please contact Bill Toutant or let us know through the Contact Us tab at the top of this page.

In Loving Memory Of

Jane Naiser

I am very sad to report the passing of Jane Naiser. Jane Naiser was truly an old school lady and the grande dame of Louisville Bridge, and a true friend of mine.

I met Jane back in the days when I first started learning bridge (circa 1975). I would schedule my lunch hour to be able to stop by the bridge center and kibitz a few hands. The first time I showed up, I asked who was the best player there and was immediately directed to Jane's table. I sat down and introduced myself and asked if I could watch. Jane, ever the gracious lady said sure. Well next thing I know, I am bombarding her with questions about why she did this or that, or even telling her what she should have done this or that (obviously not knowing what I was talking about). I can only imagine the thoughts going through her head as she looked over at this bespeckled dude with 16 inches of hair and probably at the time, reeking of reefer jabbering along. I guess she must have see something she liked because not only was she as patient as a saint, but also invited me to come kibitz her anytime.

Jump ahead a few years... After pestering her every time I saw her, she finally relented and agreed to play bridge with me. At the time, she did not play bridge with men out of respect for her husband but I suspect she showed him a picture and he probably thought I was a woman with that hair. Anyway, we had a monsterous 85% game (yes, you read that right) and both of us had a really great time. Alas, that was the one and only time we played but what a memory. I loved seeing and talking to her, not just about bridge, but anything that came to mind. I have to say I learned from her as much about life as bridge.

So, here is with great grief, but many also much love and many happy memories, that I say goodbye to a very special person. Enjoy the great game in the sky and say hello to all my old friends.

With Love -- Ralph Letizia

Brian Ross Hits the Magic 7500 MP Level

A special congratulations to Brian Ross for reaching the 7500MP plateau. Well done and well earned.

Brian is one of the LBA's top players and mostly plays professional these days. Please take a moment to congratulate him on this remarkable achievement that very few in the LBA have accomplished. Even more remarkable is the fact that so many of these points have come from palying with clients. Next step, Platinum or Grand Life Master, and I hope it is Grand. Good luck guy!

-- Ralph Letizia