Presidents Corner December 2019

My term as President is coming to an end. I thank you for trusting me with the responsibility of leading this organization for these past two years. I have so many people to thank for the support they have given me and this club.

First I want to thank all the Board of Directors for the support and contribution to the club. These are the volunteers that make the club run. The board members organize the events, collect money and pay bills; write up the minutes and get the game sanctions; buy our supplies and keep our bulletin boards up to date and finally clean up after events. These are the folks you contact when we have a problem and get solutions. Also on my list of people to thank is Verna Goldberg for her advice and guidance and all the game Directors. These wonderful people strive to make our club an inviting place to visit, enjoy the game of bridge and will find you a partner.

As I have mentioned many times in the past, education is the key to our success and long term survival as an organization. We have so many people working to support the education needs. I want to thank Kit Overpeck and Vangie Smith for the tireless efforts to support the LBA with Saturday morning classes; the “Ask the Expert” program following the games on Monday, Tuesday and Fridays games was brilliant; and also giving educational support to Judy Banks, Terri Chandler and others in the southern area of our Unit 117. Verna Goldberg, Mauri Malka and Randy Barron have continued giving valuable bridge classes at the club. Sandy Spears has started teaching bridge at our public library. Norm Smith, Candi Conway, Janet Vowels and Rachelle Goodman get a big thanks for teaching bridge at Bates Elementary School.

I want to thank Ralph Letizia, Bill Toutant and Beth Dlutowski for the tireless support for the LBA website, getting our LBA email system working; calendar updates and constantly reminding me to refresh the Presidents Corner column on the front page.

I think a special shout out needs to be given to Judy Geralds, June Clausen, Jean Donoho and Norm Smith for the hard work to bring new chairs with arm rests to our club. The chair program could not have happened without the generous contributions from many of our members. Ken Hayes is now our resident carpenter at the club. He is responsible for making the cup holders for our bridge tables. Every day we all appreciate his fine carpentry skills. Many thanks to our resident environmentalists Phyllis Costello, Kay Omanson and Vangie Smith. These ladies set up the recycle program in our club and petitioned the Board of Directors to make a commitment to use more recyclable or compostable products in our club.

Finally, I want to thank Norman Smith for his tireless work for the game of Bridge and support for the Louisville Bridge Association. Norman has been a friend, bridge partner, advisor and active participant in running this club.

I know you will give our new President, Hannah Davis, Norman Smith, VP and the LBA Board of Directors your continued support in 2020.

I wish you all peace and good health in 2020.

- John Van Cleve

Welcome to Louisville Bridge Association

The Louisville Bridge Club, Unit 117, offers games every day and night except for Tuesday and Saturday evenings, when there are occasional special events. If you have not visited our club, check out the game calendar for times and days. If you have a partner, just show up before game time. The usual fee is $7.50 per person. If you do not have a partner, you can contact the game director and he or she will try to find a partner for you. The names and phone numbers of the game directors can be found at this link. You can also join our forum and use that recourse to look for partners

Thank you for all of the comments on the new LBA web site. They have been mostly very positive with a sprinkling of suggestions how we can make it better, and a few complaints about "things not quite working right on my system or device". For example, one problem seems to be with the dropdown menu on android phones. If that happens, try clicking here to get our Site Map. This will As you will note, not all of the links are currently active but will soon be on a staggered rollout effort. If you click on a link and nothing happens, just assume it is not yet active.

Finally, anyone who has news that would be of interest to the unit members please send it along to me, Bill Toutant or John Van Cleve. This also includes singificant rank accomplishments, obituaries, tournament results, just about anything.

Winter Bridge Lessons

Eight-Week Sessions - $80 (Dates below are for the first lesson)


  • Wednesday, February 5 from 7:00-9:00 PM Instructor Mauri Malka 502-552-4226.
  • Thursday, January 23, 2019 from 9:30-11:30 AM Instructor - Verna Goldberg 459-3848

Advanced Beginners - Intermediate

  • Tuesday, January 21, 2019, from 3:15-5:15 PM Instructor - Verna Goldberg 459-3848

Additional Information Under Lessons & Seminars Drop Down Menu

All Classes held at LBC, 9870 Linn Station Rd 40223

For more information, call the bridge center at 897-3581


U117 is now accepting applications for Golden Age Masters

Golden Age Master awards are granted by the ACBL to members who meet the following criteria:

  • 1. 300 mps (of any kind) and over the age of 70
  • 2. 100 mps (of any kind) and over the age of 80
  • 3. Is not already a life master

If you are interested in receiving this award, please contact Kit Overpeck in person or by email or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kit Overpeck in person or by text or by email. Kit is working on plans for a celebration of all golden age master recipients. Please contribute fun and innovative and pragmatic ways of doing this to Kit. If you are interested in volunteering for this celebration, please let Kit know.

Again: U117 is now accepting applications for Golden Age Master Awards.

Randy Baron's New Books

If you have not yet seen Randy Baron's new books, now is the time. Theses books have not only been given great reviews but are very popular. They are chock full of excellent advice for all levels of players, and the material is presented in Randy's usual eclectic style.

Both books are available directly from Randy or through Baron Barclay Bridge Supplies.

-- Ralph Letizia