Presidents Corner December 2020

Dear Fellow Bridge Players,

My apologies for being so late with this letter. I have been recovering from a broken rib. Having had no other broken bones before, I can tell you, this is not the one to start on. I have been miserable, and so hard to move or to get up or down. It is not my idea of fun. I’m almost healed, so time to get back to work. In thinking back over the last few months, I am reminded of the fellow bridge players that we have lost. Let’s all take a minute a remember all our friends that we have lost and will miss at the bridge table:

  • Helen Casey
  • Helen Walz
  • Marge Crone
  • Lynn Haroff
  • Farris Dixon
  • J.B. Hitt
  • Larry Kozlove
  • Susan Macklin
  • Charlie Popp
  • Mary VanCleve
  • Ron Straub

They will all be missed and live in our hearts forever!

Elections are fast approaching, like next week. Please get your votes in to Pat Barber. Votes are due by December 7th, votes will be counted December 8th, and the new board members announced December 9th. Please don’t forget to vote! If this was a normal year, we would be having our annual Holiday Party this weekend. I think we all miss the good time we had celebrating with each other. Here’s hoping that next year, we will be together to celebrate the holidays. Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and Happy Kwanzaa to everyone and a Happy and Healthy New Year! My wish is for all of us to return to the bridge center, healthy and happy, vaccinated, and ready to play bridge. No broken ribs, I hope!

Love to all and stay safe,

- Hannah Davis

Welcome to Louisville Bridge Association

The Louisville Bridge Club, Unit 117, offers games every day and night except for Tuesday and Saturday evenings, when there are occasional special events. If you have not visited our club, check out the game calendar for times and days. If you have a partner, just show up before game time. The usual fee is $7.50 per person. If you do not have a partner, you can contact the game director and he or she will try to find a partner for you. The names and phone numbers of the game directors can be found at this link. You can also join our forum and use that recourse to look for partners

Thank you for all of the comments on the new LBA web site. They have been mostly very positive with a sprinkling of suggestions how we can make it better, and a few complaints about "things not quite working right on my system or device". For example, one problem seems to be with the dropdown menu on android phones. If that happens, try clicking here to get our Site Map. This will As you will note, not all of the links are currently active but will soon be on a staggered rollout effort. If you click on a link and nothing happens, just assume it is not yet active.

Board of Directors Election Results

Our new Board of Diretors members, starting at the first of the year, are Bill Cook, Bruce Ebanks, Chuck Fassler and Judy Geralds from Louisville along with Kim Mathers from Downstate

Many thanks go out to the other candidates and I'm sure they will be more gracious than our soon to be ex-POTUS

The Club is Closed/Virtual Club is Online

All games and classes are suspended at our Plainview location until further notice. To save money, we have discontinued phone service while the cllub is closed. If you wish to contact us, please click on the Contact US tab.

The Louisville Bridge Center and Verna's Suburban Bridge Club have formed ACBL Virtual Clubs. Th virtual club games are being hosted on BBO. We now have a virtual club game scheduled every day. Check the website calendar for times

You should have received an email with all the details about our Virtual Club. If you didn't, then you are probably not on our club's mailing list. Email to have your name added to the list.

Support Your Club Online Games

The ACBL, BBO and Common Game people have all teamed up to offer online games which will award ACBL black masterpoints and at the same time help your local club.

To play, you and your partner will both have to be registered with BBO. If you are not registered, you can go to this link: Bridge Base Online to register, It is free and easy.

There are games 10:00 am, 5:10 pm and 7:30 pm our time every day. You can register to play in the game starting two hours before game time. Games are currently limited to 400 pairs and have been filling up. To register for the game, log on to BBO and from the home page, under FEATURED AREAS, choose ACBL World. There you will see a list of upcoming games (tournaments). To play in this game, select Support Your Club ACBL Black Point Game (that option will not appear until two hours before game time.)

You will be asked for the BBO username of your partner that you want to invite to play. Your partner will also need to be logged on to BBO and accept the invitation The fee is $6.00 per player, with the majority of that money going back to your local clubs. The fee is paid with BB$. You can purchase BB$ by clicking on the BB$ icon near the upper right corner of the BBO home page. You can purchase them using a credit card or Paypal.

If you are not familiar with BBO, this may sound a little confusing. You might want to look around the site and check out the many free opportunities it offers to get aquainted.

Remember, your participation will help our club's financial health while we protect our collective and individual health.

Randy Baron's New Books

If you have not yet seen Randy Baron's new books, now is the time. Theses books have not only been given great reviews but are very popular. They are chock full of excellent advice for all levels of players, and the material is presented in Randy's usual eclectic style.

Both books are available directly from Randy or through Baron Barclay Bridge Supplies.

-- Ralph Letizia