Presidents Corner June 2018

Where has all the time gone? It seems only yesterday that I finished my last article. So where do I start? Let me continue where I left off in my last article and give you some updates.

Education is the key to almost everything in life. Norman Smith, Candice Conway, Rachael Goodman and others continued to work with the children at Bates Elementary this winter and spring. School is out and they are taking a well-deserved break before the fall classes start. This fall the team will add Norton Elementary to the teaching schedule. If you would like to volunteer, please talk to Norman or Candice. Mauri and Verna continue offering classes for beginners and intermediates. Matt Just continues to offer classes on Tuesday evening on various topics. Please see the class schedule on this website. We are currently in the middle of the Mentor/Mentee program. We currently have 24 mentees in the program this year. The program officially concludes on Tuesday July 10th with an evening pizza party and game. Thank you to all the Mentors that gave their time to participate and help these less experienced players.

High fives go to Sue Finnegan, Martha Sutt, Beth Dlutowski and Steward Ray for qualifying to represent District 11 and U nit 117 at the NAP event at the Spring Nationals in Philadelphia this year. Bruce Neikirk and his teammates from Lexington have qualified to represent District 11, Units 117 & 164 at the GNT event at the Summer Nationals in Atlanta at the end of July. Congratulations to everyone!

We have completed the installation of 2ft by 2ft LED lights along the inner wall of our club. I didn’t realize how dim the lighting was until the new lights were installed. We have received many compliments since the installation.

In the old club the thermostat was available for everyone to adjust and this open access to change the thermostat caused problems. When we moved to the Plainview location it was decided to put a lock box on each thermostat. This change in policy has caused frustrations because of the total lack of flexibility. So temperature control will now be the responsibility of the Director of the Game. I will be handing out keys to all the directors this month. Each director can address any pressing temperature issues that may come up with the players. I still encourage everyone to dress in layers when they come to the club.

You may have noticed Judy Geralds taking pictures of our club members. This is all in an effort to get our members more involved and display the “we love bridge” side of our club. If you have a picture to add, please contact Judy Geralds. Way to go Judy for this monumental task.

Elections for the Board of Directors will be come up this fall. It is my hope that you will volunteer your time, talent, experience and become more involved with the club.

Have a GREAT and SAFE Summer.

- Jonh Van Cleve

Welcome to Louisville Bridge Association

The Louisville Bridge Club, Unit 117, offers games every day and night except for Tuesday and Saturday evenings, when there are occasional special events. If you have not visited our club, check out the game calendar for times and days. If you have a partner, just show up before game time. The usual fee is $7.00 per person. If you do not have a partner, you can contact the game director and he or she will try to find a partner for you. The names and phone numbers of the game directors can be found at this link.

Thank you for all of the comments on the new LBA web site. They have been mostly very positive with a sprinkling of suggestions how we can make it better, and a few complaints about "things not quite working right on my system or device". For example, one problem seems to be with the dropdown menu on android phones. If that happens, try clicking here to get our Site Map. This will As you will note, not all of the links are currently active but will soon be on a staggered rollout effort. If you click on a link and nothing happens, just assume it is not yet active.

Finally, anyone who has news that would be of interest to the unit members please send it along to me, Bill or Vangie. This also includes singificant rank accomplishments, obituaries, tournament results, just about anything. Also, I am once again doing the Midwest Monitor for Unit117 so please send anything to go out there to me as soon as possible.

Drivers Wanted for Night Games

As many of you know, our night games have had declining numbers as our membership has aged and many working players have retired. Additionally, many of you would prefer not to drive at night.

Judy Geralds and the Board are going to try something new to help solve this problem. Judy has put a sign up sheet on the Bulletin Board. If you would be willing to pick someone up in the evening and take them home, please add your name.

Judy will then see who needs a ride and pair people up. Please help if you can.

Spring Bridge Lessons

Eight-Week Sessions - $80 (Dates below are for the first lesson)


  • Wednesday, June 6, 7:00-9:00 PM Instructor Mauri's Malka 502-552-4226.
  • Thursday, May 10, 9:30-11:30 AM Instructor - Verna Goldberg 459-3848

Advanced Beginners - Intermediate

  • Monday, May 14, 4-6 PM Instructor - Verna Goldberg 459-3848

Best Bridge Series - 2/1 and Play of the Hand

  • Friday, May 18, 3:15-5:15 PM Instructor - Verna Goldberg 459-3848

Additional Information Under Lessons & Seminars Drop Down Menu

All Classes held at LBC, 9870 Linn Station Rd 40223

For more information, call the bridge center at 897-3581

Changes to the ACBL Rules of Bridge

The ACBL made some rule changes at their last Board of Directors meeting. The rule changes will take effect on January 1, 21018. To view a summary of the changes, click HERE.

In Memory Of

Gary Peterson

I am very sad to announce that not long after having made Emerald Life Master, Gary Peterson passed on from our lives. Gary was universally liked (or loved) by everyone in Unit 117. He always had a kind word for all, and never hesitated to help in any manner possible when asked.

Gary has not only had a long and great playing career, but also has faithfully served the LBA for many years in whatever capacity he was needed, including twice as President. Many people were fortunate to have played with Gary and he treated all regardless of ability with great reespect and kindness.

Gary won the 1991 North American Swiss along with Keith Wilson, Dennis Hesthavem, Ralph Letizia and Ben Wheeler. He and Keith were the anchor pair on the final day and were rock solid. In fact, the NYT wrote about our win and featured a hand defended by Gary! It is still out there if you want to look it up.

So with a very heavy heart, I say goodbye to one of my favorite people in bridge; a great partner, a great teammate and an even better friend. So long Gary - we will all miss you, and may you and Keith have continued success in the great bridge game in the sky.

-- Ralph Letizia